Beaumont Leys

Induction Information

** A Parents Guide to Beaumont Leys School **

You will find out on 1st March if your child has been allocated a place at Beaumont Leys School. You will find all the information that you need about moving to secondary school on this website.

Once we have received our allocations list from admissions I contact all the primary schools and arrange to meet the staff to collect information about the students who will be joining us. I then make arrangements to meet all the students who will be transferring. These visits usually take place after the May half term holiday.  If your child is the only child coming from a primary school I will ensure that they have the opportunity to make an additional visit to our school before Induction Day.

* Induction information for new Year 7's for 2023 is available here *

On their Induction Day students will be expected to arrive at school by 8.30am.  They will need to bring a school bag and a pencil case with writing equipment. Students will be dismissed at 2:45pm, please ensure your child knows how they are getting home.

On their first day students will:-

  • Have their photograph taken for their lanyard.
  • Meet their tutor.
  • Meet the other students who will be in their tutor group.
  • Experience some different subject lessons.
  • Enjoy a break time with a variety of activities on offer.
  • Attend an assembly at the end of the day where they will watch a short presentation about their day.
  • Be given some Summer activities to complete.


At Beaumont Leys we pride ourselves on our uniform, this year students in Year 7 will wear a green tie. All uniform with school badges can be bought at Uniform Direct, trousers, skirts and shirts are widely available at most supermarkets. You can find more information about our uniform here.


Good attendance is very important and we expect all students to aim for at least 96%. If your child is ill we ask that you call the school office with the reason for their absence. Holidays in term time are not authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents may face a fine if they take their child on an unauthorised holiday. More information about our Attendance Policy can be found here.


Homework plays an important part in embedding the learning that takes place in the classroom. Homework is set on a regular basis and students will need to ensure that they regularly check our homework platform Satchel One. More information about our homework policy can be found here.


Good behaviour is important at Beaumont Leys. We run a Gold Medal Behaviour system (GSB) to encourage students to always “Be their best selves”. More information about our Behaviour Policy and GSB can be found here.

If you have any questions about our Induction Programme please feel free to contact me on

0116 2344480 or alternatively

I look forward to meeting your child in the coming months and hope they are looking forward to becoming part of the Beaumont Leys family.

Mr D Kara and Mr M Whitaker - Transition and Induction