Beaumont Leys

Our Uniform

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Uniform Guidance for Students and Parents

We want to make sure both students and parents are completely clear about what is, and is not, allowed within our uniform.

We expect all students to arrive to school in full uniform.

Examples of acceptable school uniform:

Guidance for both boys’ and girls’ school uniform:

A black Beaumont Leys School branded  blazer

Available from store in city centre or via website:

Alternatively you can place an order in school.

Prices start from: £25 depending on size

A Beaumont Leys School branded jumper/cardigan (optional)

May only be worn WITH a blazer

Available from School Wear Solutions direct from city centre store or via website:

Prices start from: £17 depending on size.

A BLS branded tie

(Each year group has a different colour tie)

Available to purchase from school. Please order at Visitors Reception.

Price: £6


Black formal knee length


This DOES NOT include any of the following:

  • Skirts above knee length
  • Lycra skirts
  • Netted skirts
  • Denim skirts
  • Skirts made of any fabric other than Standard school skirt fabric
  • Tight skirts
  • Skirts with any patterns
  • Very long skirts
  • Skirts with rivets
  • Any skirts that follow a current trend.
  • Knee/thigh length socks or hold ups

Black formal school trousers

This DOES NOT include any of the following:

  • Denim trousers e.g. black  jeans
  • Trousers with rivets
  • Trousers with a low waist or worn low
  • Trousers made of any stretchy material
  • Trousers that are tight on the legs and around the ankle
  • Trousers made of any fabric other than standard school trouser fabric
  • Trousers that are not full length
  • Any trousers that follow a current trend

In addition:

  • Leggings
  • Thick tights/Patterned tights
  • Knee/thigh length socks or hold ups

White formal school shirt with collar, top button at neck done up and short/long sleeves

This DOES NOT include any of the following:

  • White polo t-shirt
  • White sleeveless shirts


Footwear should be plain, black, polishable shoes that are suitable for school.


The whole shoe must be plain black with no coloured logo.  Where there is a coloured logo it must be either cut off or coloured over in black marker.

This  DOES NOT include any of the following:

  • Shoes that you cannot polish
  • Trainers, which means anything with an air bubble or an air-sprung sole
  • Shoes with any marking or logo that is not black
  • Fabric shoes
  • Pumps
  • Plimsolls
  • Shoes with high heels
  • Any boots other than smart boots which can be polished,  or boots that are higher than the ankle. (Boots may only be worn under trousers).

Socks and Tights

Students may wear black or white ankle socks or plain black or natural tights.


Headscarves worn for religious reasons should be black.

A proper outdoor coat

This DOES NOT include hoodies, cardigans, fleeces, denim, sweatshirts, wearing additional jumpers to travel to school in, any top that is not included in our uniform, any coat with a face mask as part of the hood.



Students are ONLY allowed to wear:

  • One pair of ear studs only
  • A simple wrist watch

Please note NO other items of jewelry are allowed including facial and any other types of piercings.

Smart Appearance

  • We do not allow extreme hair styles and excessive hair ornamentation including bandanas. Only natural hair colours.
  • We do not allow visible tattoos (which would be illegal in any case)
  • We do not allow very noticeable make-up, including nail varnish or nail extensions.


Further Guidance for Students and Parents

In addition to this, we DO NOT allow the following:

  1. Any additional items of clothing in addition to uniform, eg. hoodies
  2. Any facial or tongue piercings, no matter how neat or small
  3. Ear Stretchers/Ear Expanders or any earings that are not studs
  4. Fashion belts e.g. large belts worn around the waist
  5. Scarves or other outdoor clothing worn indoors
  6. Heavy make-up, painted nails and nail extensions.
  7. Socks that are higher than ankle length

Please note that if your son/daughter comes into school wearing any items which are not considered to be school uniform the item will be confiscated. If students are not in full uniform they may be sent home to put the correct uniform on, or they will be kept in isolation. Please make sure your details are up to date on our system.

We are very clear with parents about our uniform and are grateful for the support in this work related expectation. 

School PE Kit

All Students should wear the PE top pictured above.

PE Kit Essentials

For each PE lesson you need to have your branded BLS PE t-shirt. This can be purchased from Uniform Direct, priced from £9 depending on size.

In addition your PE kit will consist of black sports (not fashion) leggings/shorts/track pants which can be any brand but must not have extensive* branding visible.

You can also wear a black sweatshirt or track top again without extensive* branding visible but you must also have your BLS t-shirt. You may also wear a plain white under shirt/compression top if you wish underneath your BLS t-shirt.

Please Note: Hoodies will NOT be accepted as part of our PE Kit.

*Any logos must be small enough to be covered by a lanyard card.