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Here at Beaumont Leys School, we believe that high quality CEIAG is an entitlement and the key to unlock the door to improved future social mobility, financial security and therefore well-being. We believe in the moral imperative for creating a climate where our students are given the tools to be confident, employable, aspirational and adaptable learners and employees.

What do we do about CEIAG?

  • Create a culture where students can break free of perceived limitations of background so they have high and realistic aspirations for the future.
  • Promote a culture that features educational success as part of an accepted pathway into adulthood.
  • Expect all staff to buy into this culture of aspiration and achievement.
  • Actively teach personal, social and transferable employability skills needed for progression to employment and to further and higher education.
  • Help students to understand how skill transferability enables them to be highly employable within the changing context of work life patterns.
  • Help students to be enterprising, innovative and creative.
  • Plan activities that lead students to learn about work, through work and for work.
  • Strategically plan and deliver a high quality series of taught, experiential and enrichment activities from year 7 - 11.
  • Build positive relationships with employers and collaborate with them not only to enhance the impact they can have on students’ experience of, engagement with and understanding of the world or work but also on learning within the  curriculum.
  • Help students to recognise, understand and make the most of their strengths, talents and interests and to engage them to actively and cyclically research, reflect and review appropriate, aspirational and realistic future jobs and careers.
  • Promote teaching and learning approaches that facilitate learning and develop generic and subject specific attitudes, skills and knowledge required by students for future education, training and employment.

We are passionate about supporting students through the process of deciding upon the direction they take after finishing school.  We provide impartial guidance and advice on further education, training, or employment across KS3 and KS4 and involve many outside agencies such as employers and education providers.

Our Careers Leader is Mrs Julie Wright.  If you have any queries about careers, further and higher education or work experience please contact her on 0116 2344480 or Our Careers Link Governor is Mr Gerard Manley.

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Leicestershire’s Labour Market

We believe that Leicester and Leicestershire is an amazing place to live and work.   As one of the most vibrant areas in the East Midlands there is a lot to shout about.  In this section we will share information about different industry sectors, careers pathways, types of jobs and lots more for both parents/carers and students.

Quick fact… did you know in Leicester and Leicestershire over 99% of local businesses are micro (0-9 staff), small (10-49 staff) or medium enterprises (who employ 50 to 249 staff).  If that sounds interesting, you could visit the World of Work website which has much more information on the local labour market with easy-to-read facts and figures.

We run lots of inspirational events for our students

Careers Roadmap (PDF)

From year 7 onwards students get lots of opportunities to think about what their next best steps will be. As part of this we will be shining a spotlight on events we put on with guest speakers from the world of work and education. We will share the impact this can have on helping our students think about their futures and what has inspired their careers education journey so far. You can also see the journey from year 7 onwards here.

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