Beaumont Leys

Our Behaviour

Behaviour Policy (PDF)

Our behaviour system at Beaumont Leys School has been developed as a response to the wishes of staff and students. The system is called ‘Gold Standard Behaviour’ and it combines the ideals of the Olympic movement with the ethos of Beaumont Leys School.

In surveys students told us that they wanted to be rewarded for good behaviour and for working hard.  They wanted to be rewarded for being “in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing”. Students said that they also wanted to be recognized for the positive contributions they made to the school and the wider community.

Teachers said that they wanted to reward and praise students who attended school, were punctual to lessons, always displayed a good attitude to learning, were always equipped and participated fully in every lesson.

‘Gold Standard Behaviour’ rewards all of these things. Students who are on time with the right equipment and an excellent attitude earn more points than a student who is sometimes late, doesn’t complete homework regularly or has a poorer attitude. The points earned from all lessons are calculated and students are presented with the medal they deserve. The best reward is Gold and students get a medal.  However students can also get a silver or bronze certificate, unless they do not do well enough and become a trialist or, in the worst cases DNQ (Did not qualify).

Similarly, where students do not meet expectations they lose points.  For example, a 10 minute detention means they lose 2 points and a 30 minute detention means they lose 5 points.  Sanctions such as having to work in a different classroom or with a senior member of staff are associated with larger points deductions.

Competition is encouraged by the ‘Gold Standard Behaviour’ system. Medal tables are displayed around school giving the names of students and the medal they have earned. As the system works through the year students have opportunities to earn multiple gold medals and move themselves higher up the leader board.

Competition will also be encouraged between tutor groups and year groups in terms of gold medals gained and other competitive situations.

At the end of the year, not only will students have earned medals but also those who have earned the most gold medals will be entered into a prize draw and involved in rewards events.