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What is ‘Learning for Life’?

Learning for Life is an umbrella curriculum that covers:

L4L Module Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
Citizenship Anti-Bullying Just Desserts
Refugees E-Safety
Debates about Education
PSHEE Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Mental and Emotional Wellbeing
Food Ambassadors Food Ambassadors
Friendship Drugs and Alcohol Education
Drugs and Alcohol Education Knife Crime
PREVENT Gambling
Progress Files
Careers Education and Guidance Real Game PS@16 Applications
Invite The Expert CV Writing
Work Experience
Interview Skills

Learning for Life Roadmap

‘Learning for Life’ is vital in enriching our students’ knowledge and understanding to complement their lessons across the school as well as to discuss areas that aren’t covered in other subjects. The faculty aims to prepare our students for life in, outside, and beyond Beaumont Leys School.

The ‘Learning for Life’ curriculum aims to:

  • Help students communicate and empathise with others
  • Develop students’ awareness of the world around them
  • Promote good citizenship and help students understand situations they may hear about on the news or in conversations
  • Teach students how to live a healthy life
  • Prepare students for their future and help them think about necessary skills and qualifications they need in order to fulfil their dreams and aspirations
  • Develop relationships across different year groups
  • Encourage students to make appropriate choices in life, at school and outside of school.

Our Learning for Life curriculum reinforces our key messages:

  • Be Your Best Self
  • Be a Custodian of the Future
  • Be in the Right Place, at the Right Time, doing the Right Thing
  • Perform Beyond Expectation
  • Together We Achieve Success
  • Make a Positive Contribution
  • Get out of your Comfort Zone
  • Make the World a Better Place
  • Work Harder = Get Smarter

Develop students’ understanding of challenges they may face in life and how to deal with these effectively

When is ‘Learning for Life’ taught?

Students are taught once a week, on a Wednesday for 40 minutes, in their mixed ability tutor groups. They are taught by their tutors so as to develop strong relationships within the group throughout their time at Beaumont Leys School.

Learning for Life is staffed by form tutors in fully equipped classrooms.

Students study spiral modules that build on previous knowledge and experience. They take part in debates, write scripts, perform role plays, coach younger students, read news articles, watch relevant material and attend talks from outside speakers as well as participate in careers events.

What will students learn?

Students will be taught a series of different topics over the year that will develop their interpersonal skills and qualities, enabling them to make a positive contribution, as a global citizen. During Key Stage 3, students will learn through a number of topics, covering core elements of Citizenship and PSHEE. They will also be introduced to the world of work and the importance of keeping a record of their achievements as evidence in a Progress File. Students will experience a range of modules exploring topical issues relevant to young people and the society.

During Key Stage 4, there will be a greater focus on getting students ready for their future and help them think about necessary skills and qualifications they need for further studies or work. This will take in the form of career modules such as ‘Work Experience’ which they will complete in Year 10, and PS@16 applications in Year 11 as part of their Post 16 options.

Citizenship and PHSEE elements are also taught during ‘Learning Learning’ days. During ‘Learning Learning’ days, the regular school timetable is collapsed, and a range of specifically designed, enriching events and activities are facilitated for students to experience, learn, and enjoy. Students are also able to demonstrate their problem solving skills as they often experience tasks outside of their comfort zones. ‘Learning Learning’ days help develop a range of interpersonal skills and qualities such as team work, communication, listening, showing empathy and understanding, confidence, being able to adapt.

Beaumont Leys School have organised many ‘Learning Learning’ days in previous years. The most recent include:

  • Olympics – Celebrating ‘Gold Standard Behaviour’ through sports activities throughout the day
  • Circus  Offering opportunities for students to experience a range of activities outside of their comfort zones
  • Walk to Malawi  Students and staff completed a charitable walk, together covering an equivalent distance from Leicester to Malawi. The money raised was donated to students in a school in Malawi.
  • World War 1  Celebrating centenary of World War 1 and showing an appreciation for the First World War. Money raised was donated to The British Legion.
  • Refugees  Raising awareness of the impact of conflict in countries around the world and developing empathy towards victims of conflict
  • Our Place in the Global Community  Celebrating BLS and the British Values. Students and staff formed a world map in the tri-colours of the French flag to show respect towards people killed in the most recent terrorist attacks in France.

We believe ‘Learning Learning’ days bring out the best of our students, enabling them to be successful citizens at Beaumont Leys School, and encouraging them to be ambitious in whatever they choose to do in the future. These are our school values.

Useful Websites and Information Points:

Students are encouraged to read newspapers and apply what they have learnt in lessons to “real life” situations. There is also an extensive range of books specific to issues affecting young people that are available in the school library. Students are encouraged to speak to the librarian for further information.

Find Out More:

We hope you find this information within this section useful, but should you want to find out more and review any materials used in lessons, please do not hesitate to contact:

Mrs Reeves

Head of Learning for Life

  Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Global Community Learning Learning Day November 2015

Special Assembly on Refugees October 2015 presented by Mr Karavadra and Mrs McCallum and Creative Arts Ambassadors

Refugee Learning Learning Day

Circus Learning Learning Day

Walk to Malawi Learning Learning Day

World Ward 1 Learning Learning Day

The Curriculum Mapping:

L4L Modules Key Stage 3 Key Stage 4
Citizenship §  Globalisation

§  Fund Raising for a school in Malawi

§  The Legal Justice System

§  Fairtrade

§  Refugees

§  Anti-Bullying

§  Anti-Bullying

§  Student Council

§  Youth Parliament

§  Make Your Mark Project

Personal, Social, Health, and Economic Education (PSHEE) §  Cyber Bullying and how to keep safe

§  Debates about Education

§  Theft and Robbery

§  Food Ambassadors (a healthy lifestyle peer education module taught by year 10 students)

§  Friendship

§  Drugs Education

§  Prevent

§  Deal – students learning coping strategies for difficult situations

§  Prevent

§  Knife Crime

§  Going for Goals – thinking about setting and achieving relevant life goals

Careers Education and Guidance (CEG) §  Progress File: Evidence of skills, abilities and achievements

§  Aspirations

§  Real Game

§  Launch Pad

§  Employability Skills

§  Work Experience

§  Planning Your Future

§  How to write a CV

§  Is work a trap?

§  College Briefings to explore post 16 education

§  UCAS Progress – applying for post 16 education

§  Interview Skills

§  Money Sense

Supporting Progression As explained under Supporting Progression
Study Skills As explained under Study Skills
Sex and Relationships Education (SRE) As explained under Sex and Relationships Education
Beaumont Leys School Values and The British Values As explained under Beaumont Leys School Values and The British Values

Students are expected to complete their work in their work books. They are also given a Progress File to keep a record of all their achievements, ready for their work experience and post 16 options.

Learning for Life Book and a Progress File

Year 11 Students Preparing for a Mock Interview