Our School

Welcome to our website. image3_nostory

Beaumont Leys is a vibrant school with a real heart and soul and we wanted our new website to reflect this.

Two of our key messages to students are ‘Be Your Best Self’ and ‘We Are All Meant To Shine.’ Through our website we are trying to show our best selves, and we are also trying to show you our wonderful young people and staff, and the many marvellous things they do which allow them, and the school, to shine.

We know that as more people go online our website will become more important in communicating to our community so we wanted it to be as clear and easy to use as we could make it. We hope you find this website informative, and helpful, and we hope you also like the values and ethos of our school which it captures and reflects.

We welcome feedback on how we could make it even better.

Dawn Parkinson