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Two heads are better than one: change to Co-headship Leadership Model

Some things will never change. As a school we are deeply committed to living our values, which are about creating and providing the best possible experience for each of our students. ...more

However from January 2014 the school has had two headteachers: Liz Logie, who has been headteacher for the past twelve years and Dawn Parkinson who has been the Senior Deputy. Liz now works three days a week and is the headteacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Dawn works five days a week and is the headteacher on Thursday and Friday.

Having been a teacher for 32 years Liz does not want to stop doing a job that she loves, but she does want to phase her early retirement over a period of time, as many experienced headteachers are doing these days.

Dawn has already been appointed as the Headteacher Designate which means that when Liz retires she will take over the headship of the school. Liz and Dawn have worked very closely for many years. Dawn has led many of the strategies which have led to the school’s success.

There are several examples of successful co-headship in the country. The Governors think that this is an exciting way forward which will ensure the school’s future success.”

Liz Logie & Dawn Parkinson