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Leicestershire Cares Mock Interviews

January 2016

Year 11 students did themselves proud again with their individual mock interviews. All the students approached this event with a mature and confident attitude, highlighting why the 2015-2016 cohort of Year 11 students are expected to achieve great things. There were volunteers from a wide range of local and national businesses who had given up their time to put the students through an interview process. Each volunteer spent around 20 minutes asking the students questions which they may face in any interview situation. All students were then given a feedback sheet, detailing what they did well, and suggesting ways to improve their techniques. Each volunteer then chose their Star Candidate Award who they felt performed best on the day.  Here are the names of the students who were chosen for the award:-

Name of student Name of interviewer/company Reason for nomination
Charlotte Shipp DWP Debt Management Having more to offer than she realises!
Sasha Sylvester DWP Debt Management A polite and positive interview, questions answered well and thoroughly
Amber Davies Access ThankQ Giving a positive interview! The 3 C’s  (confidence, charisma and communication)
Niamh Baldacchino Access ThankQ Confidence and communication skills, with very detailed answering.  Well done!
Shahid Dreckette DWP Trying really hard with his interview and overcoming his fear of doing the interview
Dully Chowe DWP Being outstanding with his confidence levels and answering his questions with ease
Abshir Mohamed DWP  Debt Management A well prepared and well-handled interview
Andrew Bale The Probation Service A thoughtful and articulate interview
Rahj Montgomery DWP For the way he developed during the interview.  He was very nervous at first, but listened to my advice and probing questions and grew in confidence.  He listened so well and I was impressed that he had sourced work for a couple of months at a large supermarket.  Very mature and most interesting candidate.
James Simpson Propraxis Ltd His willingness to learn how to demonstrate employability
Connor Hamilton PWC A fantastic and enjoyable interview
Nikisha Bogaita PWC Her fantastic and complete answers detailing her academic and extra-curricular achievements
Cain Beckett DWP Being well spoken, polite and a pleasure to interview
Ellie Jablonski Thermos Fisher Scientific Her ability to talk clearly and in a relevant way about her experience and her clear idea of future development
Ana Barata Thermo Fisher Scientific Her focus, motivation and clear goals and aspirations
Reece Hill Santander Overcoming his initial nervousness and giving a calm, confident performance through the main body of the interview
Georgia Barwell PWC Having many good examples used to support answers.  Great answers to strengths, weaknesses and “where do you see yourself in 10 years times?” in particular
Noxy Sibanda PWC Great detail with answers, well prepared and great research into future career plans
Elissa Nuttall Charnwood Packaging Making a big effort in the interview
Connor Lucas Charnwood Packaging Good, positive attitude at the interview
Luke Gallacher BLS (retired head teacher) Doing a very interesting interview which showed a lively engagement and good self-awareness
Kartik Bhalla Access Group An excellent, interesting and thoughtfully delivered interview
Shania Parker Access Group A very impressive and interesting interview
Joe Price Gately Plc Being confident, friendly and engaging throughout his interview and giving full interesting answers. Well done!
Sophie Sargeant DWP Excellent and outstanding interview.  A true credit to her family – well done!
Beth Woolmer National Grid Being open and honest about your first work experience – not everyone ends up in their first choice career.  Being adaptable is a great skill!
Liberty Green Propraxis Her ‘attitude’ that can be an asset in her future employment
Josh Elliott DWP Holding an excellent interview and gaining himself an apprenticeship already – well done


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