Beaumont Leys

Your Library

Beaumont Leys Library is a very modern, airy and well-stocked area located right at the entrance to the school for the use of students and staff. We provide an excellent, up-to-date selection of both fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers. It is extremely busy and well used and can accommodate up to sixty students. We also provide computers for homework and coursework purposes. Students use the library for recreational reading as well as study and research lessons. The librarian works closely with members of staff in order to support the curriculum. Students are encouraged to help choose some of the stock for the library and may request books they wish to read.


The Library currently houses 7,500 books with provision for subjects taught in school and a variety of fiction books for all tastes and abilities. We have the ‘I’ and the Leicester Mercury newspapers daily. In addition, we have a selection of popular culture and sport magazines.


We encourage students to become Student Librarians and conduct this process by job application and interview which gives them the experience of applying for a job and also being responsible and reliable in a work setting. One of our students was recently shortlisted for the Pupil Librarian of the Year Award 2019, selected out of hundreds of entries. 

Reading Competitions, such as ‘Reading Rampage’ and the ‘7 for 7’ competition, are held in the library regularly.  The library also hosts regular ‘Book Talking’ and Creative Writing workshops, as well as author workshops during our two annual Reading Weeks.

The ‘Hooked on Books’ reading club is held in the library every Thursday evening. We do expect students to respect the environment and not bring food, drinks or use mobile phones in the library.

Opening times

The library is open before school, break time, lunch time and after school during the following times: 8am-4pm Monday to Friday.