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Curriculum Intent

At Beaumont Leys School we develop scientific curiosity, knowledge, and skills by encouraging students to ask questions about the world around them. Science means to investigate, discover, and justify. We explore how these skills help develop ideas by experimentation. Our goal is to encourage students to advance in scientific inquiry, to plan and carry out practical tasks using a variety of different apparatus and draw relevant conclusions. We want to enable all our students to develop an understanding of how the world works and our responsibilities towards it. All of this being aimed at the development of our students Scientific Cultural Capital. We believe in Teaching to the Top and that every student should be provided with the same opportunities to succeed. As they progress through their 5 year journey, students will be able to think analytically, critically and creatively to solve problems, judge arguments and make decisions in scientific and other contexts.

We have built strong links with the National Space Academy, based at the National Space Centre, where students have been provided with the opportunities to attend bespoke Masterclasses aimed at KS3 and KS4 students. Over the years we have invited many established businesses into the school to discuss possible career avenues that may be suitable for our students. Our Science week coincides with British Science week and offers many different activities for students to try.

Students will follow the AQA syllabus which is developed from the National Curriculum. As students move from Years 7 to 11 they will build upon the knowledge that has been gained from the previous years and extend it further into new ideas and innovations that are presented on a daily basis.

We provide a two year KS3 curriculum which then leads into a three year GCSE Curriculum. At Beaumont Leys we follow the AQA examination board and offer the following courses:

Double Award (2 GCSE’s): GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy

Triple Science Award (3 GCSE’s): GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics

KS3 Assessment @ BLS Science

Students are assessed at the end of every KS3 module. The level of challenge builds as students’ progress throughout the assessment.

KS4 Assessment @ BLS Science

At the end of every KS4 module is an Assessment. Students are assessed against the specification points from the AQA GCSE Syllabus which relate to that module. The questions become more challenging as they progress through the assessment and are designed to incorporate the GCSE exam style questions they will experience at the end of the course.

Throughout the GCSE curriculum the students will also be given Mock examinations which are designed to recap on prior content from previous elements of the course. They are designed to build confidence and develop their exam technique.

End of Key Stage 4 Assessments

Combined Science Trilogy

Six papers: two Biology, two Chemistry and two Physics. Each paper will assess knowledge and understanding from different topics.

Duration: all the papers are 1 hour 15 minutes.

Tiers: Foundation and Higher.

Weighting: the papers are equally weighted. Each is worth 16.7% of the grade and has 70 marks.

Question types: multiple choice, structured, closed, short answer and open response.

Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Separate courses which comprise Triple science)

There are two papers for each Science course: each paper will assess knowledge and understanding from different topics. Duration: Each paper is 1 hour 45 minutes.

Tier: Foundation and Higher.

Weighting: the papers are equally weighted. Each is worth 50% of the grade and has 100 marks available.

Question types: multiple choice, structured


List web links to useful documents – specification, past papers, revision sites etc.

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Mr Pabla

Faculty Team Leader of Science

Mrs Booth

Deputy Faculty Team Leader of Science

Mrs Simpson

Lead Teacher of Science

Mrs Wigston

Science Teacher

Miss Fitzgerald

Science Teacher

Mrs Chohan

Science Teacher

Ms Stewart

Science Teacher

Mr Lakin

Science Teacher

Mr Knott

Science Teacher

Mr Whitaker

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Yusuf

Science Teacher

Mrs Dedhia

Science Tutor

Miss Herbert

Science Tutor