Beaumont Leys

Ofsted, Challenge Partners and Performance Tables

Our last Ofsted Inspection was March 2020. This was the first inspection of our school under the new Ofsted Framework that places much more emphasis on the classroom experience. Ofsted judged that our school continues to be a ‘Good’ school. The full report is available on the link below, but here are some snippets:

  • This is an inclusive school.
  • Leaders and staff want all pupils to achieve well.
  • Pupils know that leaders have high expectations of what they can do.
  • Pupil are happy and safe. They are respectful to one another and to adults. They say that incidents of bullying are rare and that when they do occur, they are dealt with quickly.
  • Pupils achieve well in their GCSE and other examinations. 

To read the full Ofsted report click here.

To read the previous full inspection from September 2016 click here, and from April 2013 click here.

Similar to Ofsted, Challenge Partners look at individual areas as well as the school overall.  In February 2024 they judged the school overall to be LEADING and felt that the school was LEADING in each of the following areas:

  • Leadership at all levels
  • Quality of provision and outcomes
  • Quality of provision and outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and pupils with additional needs

We also received accreditation for our work around personal development as an area of excellence.

The full report is available here and below are some highlights:

  • Warm relationships permeate the school and the ‘tough love’ approach emanates from being one big family.
  • Careers guidance for students is excellent and is central to what the school does to prepare for the next stage of students’ education, employment or training.
  • Students’ books demonstrate resilience, achievement and being able to ‘grapple with difficult knowledge’.
  • Teachers create a strong environment for learning which promotes enjoyment, active learning behaviours and high levels of engagement.
  • SENDCo is proactive and provides a graduated approach to ensuring that students with SEND are able to manage their days successfully on a daily basis.
  • Leaders place a great emphasis on developing students’ character and the qualities that go beyond the academic.
  • The school thrives within the context it serves because of its devoted, dynamic and diligent team of both teaching and support staff who are all committed to improving the life chances of the young people.
  • The focus is for all students to leave school having developed a broad range of employability skills, as well as moral, spiritual and cultural understanding.
  • Students are explicitly taught to be great citizens. and display keenness to make a positive contribution to their school.

To read the full Challenge Partners report click here.

The Department for Education produces Performance Tables for all schools. Click here to access ours.