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Important Information:

In response to the lockdown period disrupting Year 10 student’s preparation for their GCSE History, Ofqual in agreement with the government has altered the amount of content to be studied for the 2021 examination. AQA (our exam board) have decided to achieve this by reducing the number of topics we study from four to three. These will be the 3 topics that our current Year 11 have already studied: Expansion and Consolidation, America 1845-1890 (American West); Conflict and Tension between East and West 1945-1972 (The Cold War); and Health and the People c1000-Modern Day (Medicine). Each module will continue to have equal weighting.

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Year 9

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Year 11

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Taught as Humanities with Geography and RE





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Mrs Goodwin

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Mr Green


Mr Meyers


Miss Stanyard



We use departmental laptops and iPads when students are being independent and researching new topics or cementing their knowledge alongside our interactive whiteboards and department planned lessons to provide consistent lessons to all classes.

We also use text books and the library to further encourage independence.

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Leicester and Me


Roman Army

Historical Enquiry

Black Peoples of the Americas

Civil Rights in America

Viceroy India

Medieval Ages




Rise of Dictators


Cold War

Tomorrow’s History

KS3 Assessment

Students are assessed in different mediums such as exam style questions, source related questions, general knowledge quizzes and verbal group assessments.


We follow AQA History’s new 1-9 GCSE specification.

Students are assessed at the end of Y11 in 2 exams; both of which are 1 hour 45 minutes long and cover 2 topics out of the 4 topics covered each.

KS4 topics covered

  • Paper 1 : Expansion and Consolidation America and Conflict and Tension 1945-1972
  • Paper 2: Health and the People and Norman England.

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