Beaumont Leys

Competency Curriculum

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Year 7

Lessons a week


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Miss Trolley

Competency Curriculum Leader

Ms Staley

Asst. Head Teacher & CC Teacher

Mrs Reeves

English AFTL & CC Teacher

Mr Sahu

Maths & CC Teacher

Miss Allden

 MFL Teacher

Mrs Connell English Teacher

Miss Umerji English Teacher

KS3 Curriculum

Year 7

Competency Curriculum has been designed to explicitly teach the competencies that students require to become successful learners in all subjects.  It also reinforces key BLS messages and behaviours and has been designed to support a successful transition from KS2.

Year 7 students will learn about the following areas of competency: Planning, Adapting, Working with and from others, Thinking, Investigating resources and Understanding yourself as a learner. 

This is achieved through the following modules:

. Responsibility

. Multiple Intelligences

. Target setting

. Careers

. Communication

. Refugees

. Humanitarianism

. Basic ICT

. Endangered Species

. Famous people

KS3 Assessment

Students are not formally assessed in Competency Curriculum.  There will be ongoing pieces of work and homework that will be marked and evaluated by the teacher.  From this, students will regularly make improvements and therefore make progress.