Beaumont Leys

Practice Interviews with Leicestershire Cares: February 2023

Leicestershire Cares runs a highly successful programme of interview techniques for KS4 students. Business volunteers deliver mock interviews with students in order to develop their confidence and the key skills needed to succeed at future interviews. We have been enthusiastic partners with Leicestershire Cares for many years and so we know first-hand how much these experiences help our students to grow their confidence for facing the wider world beyond school.  In the current year, as we are still impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have run these interviews remotely.

The mock interviews contribute to our wider careers strategy, through which we are aiming to ensure that our students move on from Beaumont Leys School as successful and confident young adults.  Our careers strategy links to our school values:

“All students understand that they are responsible for their own destiny.  They develop and display independence, resilience, leadership, positive attitude and self-management skills that allow them to thrive as engaged citizens and take opportunities to make a positive difference, both now, in school and in the community, as well as in their future lives at work and in the world.  They have rich memories of school life.”


Feedback from volunteers:

I was really proud of the Year 10 students during the Leicestershire Cares event, they have worked really hard and ensured that they have answered the questions asked by the team. The students really enjoyed the day and we had some fantastic feedback from the Leicestershire Cares team.  

L. Buxton (Head of Year 10)

‘The students were really engaged and articulate in answering the questions asked’

‘The students were very grown up and took the interviews very seriously’

‘Lots of students had great knowledge and aspirations for their future’ 


Feedback from students:

‘I thought it was a really valuable experience and I enjoyed taking part and getting feedback’

Jorja Lockley

‘I found it good practice for interviews and learnt a lot of new techniques’

Cyrus Turner

‘I thought it was quite a nice experience as it was enjoyable and everyone was nice about it’

Oliwia Wrzesinska


In Year 11, our students will have another opportunity for a practice interview, so that they can practice what they have learnt.