Study Skills

The aim of the study skills module is to raise the profile of study skills for our students, and to signify to our Year 11 students the start of their final drive towards the examination period. The emphasis being for students to:

  • Become motivated: revise independently
  • Look after themselves: nutritional eating to improve memory, sleeping well, keeping hydrated
  • Tackle pressure head on: strategies to cope when they forget the information they have revised
  • Plan for success: learning techniques to suit different learners
  • Practice: repeated, spaced revision and practice skills to help achieve results
  • Get ready for exams: feeling prepared when walking into the exam room

The key objectives remain:

  • To launch the final Year 11 pushtowards exams
  • To increase the profile of study skillswith all our students
  • To demonstrate how seriously we take study skillsand consequently, reinforcing how seriously they should be taking study skills
  • To encourage our students to develop independent learninghabits through study skills, as part of the wider school drive
  • To give our students easier access to study skills resources, particularly in Year 11
  • To encourage all of our students to reflecton how they best study independently
  • To link into our drive to develop everyday teaching of study skillsthrough the work on hexagonal learning, and slow writing, particularly in KS3

During our ‘Study Skills Week,’ there are usually a number of key events that take place across the school, these include:

  • Ted Talks Artist:Working with a group of Year 10 students developing specific revision resources
  • Drama activity: Exploring the consequences of the effects of not studying independently and producing a performance to convey this message
  • Beat poet: Delivering BLS bespoke poem to our Year 11 students about her experiences of study and the need to work hard in this regard
  • Study skills market stall: Targeting Year 11 primarily, but providing high quality discounted study skills resources, specific to subject areas, for the final push up till the exam
  • Diary room: A collection of reflections from Year 11 students about their experiences of the week, and share tips with their younger peers
  • Study skills L4L lesson: A focused lesson for all year groups promoting and developing study skills
  • Study skills assemblies for all year groups: Delivering key messages about study skills to each year group
  • Study skill tutor time quizzes: 3 quizzes encouraging students in each year group to reflect on study skills

Study skills activities within each class, run by each teacher, as developed in Faculty areas prior to Christmas.

2016 Study Skills Timetable:


Ian Mitchell working with Year 10 students to produce revision materials


Revision visuals produced by Year 10 students during Study Skills week


Jess Green performing a motivational poem