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A new year, and 2 more races – September 2015

Hello everyone!

Over the summer holidays we’ve made a few modifications to the car in preparation for our final 2 races.

We’ve made quite a lot of little modifications but the main ones are that we’ve now added a heat sink to stop the motor from over-heating, a fan to cool the motor down during the race and we’ve changed the gearing so we can go faster!!! Along with this we’ve tidied up the body work, got a hands free communication system set up and ordered some stickers for the car so we can show off who our sponsors are.

Our first race is at Bedford Autodrome on Sunday 13th September and then we’ll be competing in the Castle Combe heat on Sunday 27th September.

During the first few weeks of term we’ll be running a raffle in school to win a behind the scenes stadium tour at the Leicester City football ground. Fingers crossed we’ll raise a bit of money!

The Scuderia Sophia team

Go-karting – 24th June 2015

We went go-karting on Wednesday after school and it was AWESOME!!! We had a couple of 20 minute races where we got to drive really fast on the track. Mr Gamble had a go and ended up staying on the track the whole time!

We were competing in pairs and at the end, the people at Stretton gave out some medals. Manaal and Shadya got 3rd place, Ethan and Louis got 2nd place while Lennon and Dane got 1st place.

It was a great thing to do and really made up for not being able to compete in the Rockingham race event. An awesome way to end the year!

Post Rockingham season opener sadness – June 2015

After we got back from Rockingham we decided to make new modifications to the car to make it faster so we can be more competitive. The new parts we got are new bearings, fixed the body work, a new motor, a heat sink and a fan.

We hope that once these are all installed that they will make a major improvement on our car and hopefully make us much stronger competitors.

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are having to withdraw from the Rockingham race event on Wednesday 1st July. However, we have organised a go-karting trip for after school on Wednesday 24th June at Stretton Karting. We are looking forward to go-karting and showing off our skills on the track. We’re all dead excited to go and have a good time!

Arjundeep Matharu

Progress in April/May 2015:

In April we started to get more of a race car built together as we added the bodywork to the chassis and we began to get a feel of how the car would perform on race day. As we began to test the car we started to see what the car’s performance would be like. A few members of the group reached up to 20mph, which when taken into account of where we were a few months ago that is amazing! During testing we set up a small course using cones, which was a test to see who was good at driving. During this Jon almost crashed the car, but thankfully the only damage he caused was a few cones stuck up the car! Also, we found out that Shadya doesn’t listen to instructions as she drove around the wrong bit of the track. We also practiced our pit stops and our driver change overs. This allowed us to gain a bit of experience of how to quickly perform change overs so we don’t waste time on the race day that is getting closer and closer!

Dane Jones

May 13th 2015 Race Day

We arrived at Rockingham Speedway feeling apprehensive and excited. When we got there we were astonished by the spectacular view. The speedway was huge we couldn’t see the end of it. We all gathered in the pits and we started to attach the body work to the electric car. Then we had to go for scrutineering to check that the car was race ready! Louis Wells was the first person to drive at Rockingham Speedway in the car. Louis was feeling excited on how the car would perform. Most people got to race but in the actual races Manaal Hasan and Ethan Bradshaw, Connor Brown and Dane Jones got to drive. In the race an accident occurred. We found out that the rear axle had snapped. We tried to repair it but it was impossible at that time – we had no choice but to retire from the race. The day went on and we reflected on the best bits of the day. We had a great surprise at the end of the day when we won an award for the best presented team!

Arjundeep Matharu

Beaumont Leys Ward Community Funding – 5th March 2015

Dr Kellett went to the Beaumont Leys Ward Community meeting last night. The councillors thought we were working on an excellent project and have awarded us £400 to help pay for the body work and a communications system!!

Pit stop practice – 26th February 2015

Today we had to present our car body work designs to each other and the engineers from the University of Leicester. They then revealed that they had analysed our designs and used them to create a model of the actual body work we’re going to make. It looks really awesome! We’re going to use the laser cutter down in technology and have some plywood on the car and put SolarFilm around it…it’s like a shrink wrap covering that will make the car more aerodynamic. We’ve got a better chance of winning!

After we’d looked at that we took the car out into the science corridor to practice pit stops and wearing the helmets.

Next week we’re going to look at the science behind the car so we can explain it to the judges and other people at the race events. We’re also going to try on our overalls so Dr Kellett can get those ordered for us – look out next week on the blog for some super awesome posing!

Scuderia Sophia

Successful sponsorship – 22nd February 2015

We have heard back from some companies about sponsorship.

Trifibre and going to give us the foam that we need for the bodywork.

Jewsons have emailed back saying they are happy to provide the plywood we need for the car bodywork. We just have to work out how much we need (we’ll have to talk to the engineers about that!) and tell them when we want it delivering!

Leicester City Football Club are sending us a voucher for 4 people to have a behind the scenes tour of King Power Stadium. We’ll use this as a raffle prize or something – more details to follow if you’re interested in winning it!

Emerson Process Management and Leicester Audi are in the process of finalising the sponsorship they can offer us – we’re looking forward to hearing from them!

Our local MP Liz Kendall has written to the following organisations to ask for sponsorship on our behalf: The Chamber of Commerce, The National Space Centre, Leicester City Council’s Children’s Services, Natwest, Pepsi Co UK and the Federation of Small Businesses. Fingers crossed we get some more sponsorship from these organisations!

Race dates are announced! – 20th February 2015

We’ll be competing in 3 race events this year. The first is the Rockingham Test and Season Opener at Rockingham Motor Speedway on Wednesday 13th May. It’s going to be a busy time to ensure the car is ready to race but it should be a great day out!!

The next 2 races will be:

Rockingham Heat at Rockingham Motor Speedway on Wednesday 1st July.

Bedford Heat at Bedford Autodrome on Sunday 13th September.

Scuderia Sophia

Disaster strikes!!! – 12th February 2015

As it is the last session of this half term, we decided to book the sports hall out to drive the car around and test it out. I arranged with G4S to take the car down and the PE department very kindly let us store it in the fitness suite for the afternoon. We were all very excited about trying the car out properly – it’s only been driven down the corridor before and I missed that because I was at parent’s evening! A small group were given the task of connecting the batteries and then disaster struck!!! There was suddenly smoke and sparks coming from the car! A battery had been incorrectly connected and had caused a short circuit L Lots of the students went home because it seemed like a lost cause. However, half an hour later, the engineers and a determined trio of students – Kirsty, Conor and Adam, fixed the electrics and the car was up and running! They drove it around the sports hall and took a few videos – one of the engineers even had a go! Mrs Chohan will be putting the video on YouTube in the near future if you want to check out what happened!

Dr Kellett

YouTube – February 2015

We have got Mrs Chohan to upload some photos and videos to the Science Faculty YouTube channel. Check it out if you want to learn more about our team or just want to see us in action. We show you our car in the making and our team members. If you have any questions then just find one of us around school and ask. To see the clips, just go to YouTube and type in ‘Beaumont Leys Science Faculty’ and click on our videos! We’re going to try to upload a new video every week so you keep updated with our progress. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to get notifications from the channel and our team. Thank you!

Adam Dronfield

Our sponsorship – January 2015

We have been writing letters and sending emails to local businesses and our local MP, Liz Kendall, asking for sponsorship. These local businesses include Leicester Tigers Rugby, Emerson, Trifibre, Leicester City Football Club, Jewson, Audi, Sytner, Wilkinsons and many more. We told them what we are doing, where we come from and why they should sponsor us. We told them about how we are representing the local area and how publicity will help boost their business. We have heard back from some companies who have agreed to sponsor us by giving us equipment, money or clothing. We’d like to say a massive thank you to these sponsors for their generous donations!!!

Kirsty Harlow

We have a team name! – January 2015

We have decided to name our team ‘Scuderia Sophia’, which means ‘Team Wisdom’. Scuderia means team in Italian, and Sophia translates to wisdom in Greek. Hopefully having wisdom will bring us luck in the races!

Dane Jones

Team clothing and overalls – December 2014

As part of our project we are organising some team clothing so we look like the best racing team! These will be embroidered with the school logo and team name on the left side and our names on the right side. We’re really looking forward to getting them and wearing them to the race events!

Khairiyah Mustafa

What we’ve been up to – December 2014

Over the last few months we have been building our kit car for the electric car project. When the kit car pieces arrived we had to work out what pieces went together by looking at the instructions and starting from scratch. It’s been quite challenging at times, but we’ve almost built it – all we need to do is add all the electrics in and we should have a working car!

Lennon Stephenson