Our Expectations

Our Expectations

Students will be expected to wear their blazers to, from and around school, but they will be allowed to take them off in lessons if they so chooseWe ask for parents/carers to give their full support in helping us to achieve 100% compliance.

School uniform is a part of our zero tolerance policy which means that we will not accept students arriving to school wearing clothing and items which do not meet the schools expectations.

We do not allow the following:

  1. Any facial piercings, no matter how neat they may appear to be
  2. Any extreme hair styles
  3. Any excessive hair ornamentation including bandanas
  4. Any visible tattoos (which would be illegal in any case)
  5. Any really noticeable make-up, including nail varnish .
  6. Any jewellery, other than a watch and two ear studs on the ear-lobes

Students who have a nose stud, or any kind of facial piercing, need to remove it with immediate effect.

If for some reason your child is unable to come to school wearing the correct full school uniform you need to contact your son/daughter’s Year Team Leader to discuss the matter further.

We are very lucky to have such supportive parents and carers. Please support us in making sure your son/daughter arrives to school every day wearing the correct full school uniform.