ICT & Computer Science

ICT and Computer Science at Beaumont Leys School comprises of 5 full time staff with a wealth of experience and expertise; Arron Smith (Faculty Team Leader), Ankit Patel, John Stewardson (Senior Standards Leader), Alex Vann (Assistant Head teacher) and Beena Sisodia (Assistant Head teacher).

There are five ICT suites, each with thirty machines guaranteeing that there is always a computer available for every student in every lesson.

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ICT – Key Stage 4


ICT in Key Stage 4 is an option subject that is chosen at the end of Year 9. Students who select ICT will study the Edexcel GCSE ICT course across the two years of Key Stage 4 with the same ICT teacher.

The course consists of one controlled assessment practical unit (Unit 2) worth 60% of the GCSE and one written exam paper (Unit 1) taken at the end of the course worth (40%).

ICT & Computer Science – Key Stage 3


The ICT and Computer Science curriculum in Key Stage 3 has been designed to equip pupils with a range of skills in various disciplines in line with the most recent national curriculum (Sept 2013).

Students develop skills and are assessed in three main areas; Digital Literacy, Information Communication Technology and Computational Thinking.