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Uniform Guidance for Parents

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PE Kit Essentials

  • Blue BLS logo polo t-shirt
  • Black (shadow print) shorts OR  Black/Navy plain tracksuit bottoms
  • Suitable trainers (No black soles)
  • Blue hockey/football long socks

Please Note: Hoodies or leggings will NOT be accepted as part of our PE Kit.

Further Guidance for Students and Parents

Students are allowed to wear:

  • One pair of ear studs only
  • A wrist watch

Please note NO other items of jewellery are allowed.

In addition to this, we DO NOT allow the following:

  1. Any facial or tongue piercings, no matter how neat they may appear to be
  2. Ear Stretchers/Ear Expanders
  3. Any extreme hair styles/colour (including shaved patterns)
  4. Any large hair accessories including bandanas
  5. Fashion belts e.g. large belts worn around the waist
  6. Fashion statement scarves
  7. Any visible tattoos (Tattoos under the age of 18 are illegal)
  8. Heavy make-up, including painted nails and nail extensions.

Please note that if your son/daughter comes to school wearing any items which are not considered to be school uniform they may be sent home to put the correct uniform on or they may be kept in isolation. Please make sure your details are up to date on our system.

We believe it is important that parents give us full support in insisting upon school uniform.