Digital Champions


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Our aim is to impact the learning experience for all students across the school. We want ICT to play a pivotal role in every lesson. Every teacher should feel empowered to use ICT as way of enthusing and engaging students.

The Digital Champions programme was introduced to ensure ICT makes a greater impact in every classroom. Digital Champions are working hard to test new technology in the classroom and will regularly post reviews and advice to save you time and effort trialling new software/systems.


Mr Patel

apI am a teacher of ICT, Computing and Business Studies. I have been a teacher since Septemeber 2010 at Beaumont Leys School. I entered teaching as I have always wanted to share my passion and enthuiasm for ICT and Business studies and teaching was a great career to allow me to do this on a daily basis.

The reason I wanted to be a Digital Champion is that I believe that technology has changed immensely in the last decade however fewer and fewer schools are embracing or using modern technology to enhance learning and engage students effectively. I believe that all students should have access to IPads and modern technology as this allows them to be familiar with technology which is used in industry. This could potentially be an advantage to them as the ability to use varied forms of new technology is a vital skill that future employers will be seeking in the current technology driven society.

Miss Willatt


I am primarily a teacher of Music however also teach Competency Curriculum and English, I have been a teacher since 2010 and have a passion for Music and students’ learning.

I entered teaching because I wanted to help students succeed and reach their potential.

I wanted to become a digital champion because technology has much to offer in teaching and learning and I want to be able to explore its potential.

I am hoping that trialling the iPads will increase my confidence in trying new things and ideas within the classroom and encourage others to do the same.

Miss Beall

mbI’m a Teacher of MFL. I’ve been a teacher for 2 years at Beaumont Leys.

I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to inspire students to learn languages. I wanted to be a Digital Champion because I can see how useful iPads are in the classroom, especially for languages.

Miss Hargrave

shI am a Teacher of Humanities. I wanted to be a digital champion having used iPads in a previous school for a short amount of time and saw great rewards with using them for different groups of students.

I am keen to trial a variety of general and subject specific apps to implement into my everyday teaching.