Design and Technology

The Vision

Design and Technology at Beaumont Leys School is a successful department which is forward thinking in its delivery of both Key Stage 3 and 4. We have high expectations of all our students and lead by example.

Our aims are to provide opportunities for pupils to:

  • Enjoy turning ideas into reality.
  • Strive for successful outcomes.
  • Be creative and develop thinking skills.
  • Work independently and develop self esteem.
  • Develop attitudes of curiosity, enquiry, initiative, ingenuity, resourcefulness.
  • Experience a wide range of different material areas.

The Faculty

A high quality Design & Technology Education is provided to all pupils by a vibrant and forward thinking department.

The Design & Technology team consists of five teaching staff supported by two technicians. Each staff member is responsible for their material area under the direction of the Faculty Team leader.

Mrs W Blount: Faculty Team Leader –

Mr S Lehil: Product Design

Miss M Hackfath: Food

Mr Ryder: Resistant Materials

Mr D Karavadra: Textiles

Miss E Coleby: Product Design and Resistant Materials Technician

Mrs S Surman: Food and Textiles Technician

The Curriculum

Students are presented with an enriching curriculum at Beaumont Leys School over both KS3 and KS4. Design & Technology consists of four key material areas: Product Design, Cooking and Nutrition, Resistant Materials and Textiles.


Students at Key Stage 3 are timetabled for 2 Design & Technology lessons per week. Students in Year 7 and Year 8 are taught on a rotation basis where each material area being delivered over a half year period. This allows all students to develop a deep knowledge of materials and processes in all four material areas by the end of year 8.

Students in Year 9 are then offered the opportunity to select their two preferred material areas and are taught on a rotation basis over the year.

Each rotation consists of a skills project and a main project; the following projects are delivered at KS3:

  Product Design Cooking and Nutrition Resistant Materials Textiles
Year 7 & 8 Skills: Design Movement Clock

Main: LED Lighting Product

Skills: Snack Chef

Main: Healthy School Dinners

Skills: Key Fob

Main: Animal Storage

Skills: Drawstring Bag

Main: Pocket organiser

Year 9 Skills: Key Rack

Main: Educational Toy

Skills: Food skills

Main: World Foods

Skills: Automata

Main: Children’s Chairs

Skills: Advanced Skills

Main: Designer Waistcoat


Design & Technology is an option subject at GCSE and students have the opportunity to study one of the following courses:

  • AQA Product Design
  • Edexcel Food Technology (Soon to be AQA Cooking and Nutrition)
  • Edexcel Resistant Materials
  • Edexcel Textiles

Students are timetabled 3 lessons per week within their chosen material area. The courses vary upon content but all require the completion of a design and make portfolio (60%) in combination with a written exam paper (40%).

The following are the Controlled Assessment Task undertaken by students at KS4:

  Product Design Technology Food Preparation And Nutrition Resistant Materials Technology Textiles Technology

Year 10 & 11

Design Movement Lighting Product Science of Food Children’s Furniture Designer Dresses

All courses involve:

  • Investigating and understanding a problem or need.
  • Developing and communicating design ideas.
  • Planning and organising the making of a product.
  • Safely making the product from an appropriate material (this may be wood, fabric, plastic, food etc.).
  • Testing, modifying and evaluating the design
  • Knowledge and Understanding of specific material area

Accommodation & Resources

The Design & Technology department comprises of two well equipped workshops, a specialist Food room, a Textiles room and a Product Design room. The faculty boasts a variety of equipment including two laser cutters, vacuum forming machines and a cutter plotter. The department also has its own bank of laptop and ready access to a number of computer suites throughout the school.

Enrichment Opportunities in Design & Technology

The department offers a variety of opportunities for students particularly those in KS4 with weekly after school sessions, holiday and weekend booster workshops.

Staff are quick to offer student’s opportunities to develop ‘real world’ understanding of Design & Technology through exhibitions, guest speakers and external visits these include a visit to Caterpillar Construction, Stevenson’s, (a manufacturer of bespoke furniture), The Clothes Show and The Design Museum.

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