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Career Coaching

Using LMI to Support Careers Decisions


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General Information

Teachers and Careers Adviser Conference at Loughorough University  3rd November 2015.  Email: scl@lboro.ac.uk

Work Experience Co-ordinators Meeting / Training held by the Leicestershire, Education, Business Cooperation 12thNovember 2015 Email: gina.horton@leics-ebc.org.uk

Armed Services Information Morning for Schools and College Advisers 18th November 2015. Email: Mark Harrison ARTD-RG-ACCLeicester-CA1@mod.uk

Brooksby Melton College – Careers Advisors Open Day 26th November 2015.  Email: admissions@brooksbymelton.ac.uk

CEIAG Hub and NHS Schools and Colleges Careers and Apprenticeship Event 1st December 2015 Email:  nmccormack1@nhs.net

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