GCSE Successes at all Levels

We are delighted to have seen so many students achieve great results this year and we have seen results improve across many areas.  We are particularly pleased to see the progress that our students have made.  Many of our students started Year 7 having thrived at primary school, although many others joined us with learning, and particularly literacy, difficulties, and so the results we achieved were all the more impressive.

We had very many great success stories, amongst them for example twelve students gained at least ten A/A* grades, with forty four students gaining at least three AA*.  We were thrilled that one of our students, Rebecca, achieved an amazing ten A*s.

Amazing individual achievements:

  • 11 AA*s: Harley, Aleksandra.
  • 10 AA*s: Rebecca, Ana, Nikisha, Kale, Naqiya, Sandeep, Tiegan, Bilal, Ben, Jaiden.
  • 9 AA*s: Kartik, Leighton, Ria, Sohil.
  • 8 AA*s: Akash, Manna, Aidan, Georgina.
  • 7 AA*s: Mitchelle, Scarlet, George.
  • 6AA*s: Brad, Noxy.
  • 5 AA*s: Jemima, James, James, Connor, Kieran.
  • 4 AA*s: Max, Jessica, Sabaah, Keira, Rebecca, Mason.
  • 3 AA*s: Kelvin, Samantha, Bee, Evelynn, Brandon, Ethan, Sophie.

We were also delighted to see that students at all levels achieved results to be proud of.  The proportion of students gaining 5 or more A*-C grades, including A*-C in English and in Maths, rose to 52% this year from 48.5% previously.

94% of our students left with at least five good GCSEs.

Faculty teams were celebrating on results day as nine of them had results that were above national averages and twenty three subjects were celebrating higher results than the previous year.

In Year 10 everyone sat GCSE RE with 30% of students gaining the top AA* grades and 72% achieving A*-C.  We also introduced GCSE statistics in Year 10 and were delighted with our first results of 10% AA* and 87% A*-C.

“Together We Achieve Success” is our motto and we have been impressing upon students to “Work Harder, Get Smarter”.  Our results have proven, yet again, that this is true.